Does Examination Eradicate Excellence?

A question which is always hypothetically understood by us. Does examination eradicate excellence in life? You may be right as equally as you might be wrong. From the early stage of our schoolings, we all had to write our exams. Do you remember a single exam for which you have studied with complete knowledge and dedication towards the subject? No matter what, even if you are a good scorer, an average mark scorer or a poor mark scorer, the reason you wanted to study was for passing the exam. We keep doing other s**ts and just a day before the exam we tend to focus on passing it by any means. Whatever the case may be, your success always awaits your opportunity grabbing.

Question to Self

Did we ever want to do it with our whole heart? What could be the reasons for putting on the focus to just pass the exam?

  1. To be Accountable for your parents, teachers and to a greater extent, to yourselves.
  2. To make sure that your friends don’t underestimate you.
  3. Stay in a safe zone from Detention.

Please comment on your other reasons for writing your exams.

From our smaller age, we were brought up with a habit of writing an examination monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. But, no one taught us a valid reason to take those exams or neither of us succeeded in asking them for a reason.

Good or Bad?

I am not here to say if examinations are good or bad. But I’m trying to share my different thoughts of an examination. Some people say the examination is to evaluate us. I do agree that we do need an evaluation process to help us understand what we have learnt about. I’m sure the schools and colleges have initially started having this process in a totally positive way to help the students grow themselves. However, things have changed a lot. Examinations are nightmares now for many people. Failing on an exam makes someone so guilt, not a student’s fault though.

Students are scared of examinations because the teachers have made them believe that it is a way to judge someone. I have literally heard teachers telling, “Have you scored above 80? Then you don’t have the rights to ask questions!”. What do examinations mean for a teacher? A way to suppress people’s emotions and thirst of knowledge in the name of the evaluation? The perspective of examination has taken a number of different ways in our current scenario of schools and colleges. We have to be careful about the perspective, to save our children from these nightmares. If an examination was really to evaluate, what are they actually evaluating? Not only me, but everyone must be having this doubt.


Do you think writing an exam for which a particular date is given to you well in advance with the type of questions you will receive along with the important questions for the exam, really going to evaluate your skills on that subject? Doesn’t this sound funny to you? Maybe it helps in evaluation, not about the skills on the particular subject, but on the short term memory power, the speed of writing, the ability to sit on a single place for a given period of time, the capacity of a person to maintain the exam hall constraints, the capability of a person to write so much about what he has in his mind. This sounds even more funny to me! Evaluating so much and claim to have evaluated something else and judging them on that subject.

Would you like someone to question you so much about your height, weight, what you eat and finally tell you what kind of a person you are and what is your character and mannerism? Mannnn, I don’t find a point in it. If you evaluate me for what I know on a computer, don’t ask me a definition of computer. But ask me to use the computer and perform a task that you may need. Even there, if I show you the output or not is not the matter, but how I use the computer is. Similar things apply for other domains as well. Why I insist upon this so much is that I remember final year students of IT, who are unable to type faster and who are unable to create a Google form. Getting a decent grade has no point when you struggle to create a poster for yourselves using your computer.

Practical Myth

Do you think practical exams help you gain things? Be honest, how many of you literally do crack your practical exam? In my perspective, a computer student, who couldn’t program for operations on stack or queue using linked list and managed to pass the practicals by some tech hacks is successful than a person who manages to study the complete program for addition of a node on a linked list and fails to do a s**t when subtraction is asked.

Can you think of those situations, when you have ignored a chapter for your exam as you had an option to leave a question? To be honest with you, I usually do not like the concept of the examination in colleges. However, in this current system people focusing on all the questions and getting a costlier grade has no f**king ambitions in their life than dumping themselves into an MNC and living an s**t life. Equally, I do not mean that a person who doesn’t give a damn for the exams are really masterminds in their life. There’s a balance. We should stop stressing out about Examinations. Failing it doesn’t fail you in life. In my lifetime, I have seen most of the successful persons around me who had failed to complete their college.


I hadn’t scored anything less than 80 on Maths until I reached College. In college, I never passed in Maths. My goodness, we had a relative grading system in our college and many other successful current entrepreneurs who were getting marks lesser than me helped me to relatively obtain a passing grade. Here, what’s my knowledge of Maths? Would you consider my school and say that I’m good at maths or look at college and say, I’m worse at maths!? Anyone need not be very great on Physics, but on a little part of physics. I’m already in love with Kinematics. Hardly getting a single question for 4 marks from Kinematics cannot evaluate my interest in physics. I was pretty decent in Trigonometry and algebra. Doesn’t mean, I have to be good at other sections of maths.

Though every aspect of a subject is required and we gotta know, my point is, we shouldn’t stress ourselves to get a good grade in exams. However, we should understand the concepts and learn things beyond what is taught. That’s the ultimate knowledge you’ll have for a longer run. Finally, I would once again tell you, a person very much interested in inventing something on his topic of interest, gets himself suppressed by the fact that he has secured 20 marks out of 100, just because the interesting topic has come only for 15 marks. This is deeper than you think. The examination system ruins the matter of fact that a student can be excelling on a particular domain and need not be a star on all the domains. Ultimately, his excellence in his interest gets eradicated. The examination does eradicate excellence!


I’m not complaining about our system. I’m no wiser than our system setters. However, I’m just expressing my thoughts about examinations. My point is, the examination does eradicate excellence! I’m sure, I have missed a lot of points right now, as I’m just pouring out stuff on the post in nearly real-time. I’ll try to add things up now and then to the post. Feel free to add your points if you think I have missed any, on the comments for me to add this in the post with credit for you. You can positively be in favour of or against the concept of an examination.

Thank you for spending the time with me on my blog. Wishing you give me genuine feedback to me, take care! Have a great time ahead 🙂

Author: gsthina – Surendar Thina Ganesan

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